Boxy - Retailbox mascot

The brief was to create a super cute, universally appealing French bulldog Mascot for Retailbox. "Boxy", being such a busy little mascot had to show off the varied duties . e.g. "Delivery dog", "Tools of mass perfection", "Secret box" and "Online shopping". These used for related promotions. Boxy showcases a variety of awesome hairstyles and thanks customers with a personalized, handwritten note!

Graphic DesignIllustrationCharacter Design
Boxy posing as "Delivery dog"
Boxy geared up and used in the "Tools of Mass Perfection" competition
Boxy shows off a variety of hairstyles
Retailbox SecretBox promotion
Boxy doing some online shopping
A personalised thank you note from Boxy with every, beautifully packaged Retailbox delivery
Instagram promotions done by Retailbox that involves Boxy
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